New Facebook Sidebar

George asks…

How does the new facebook sidebar work?

I don’t get how it tells who’s online. There are some with green bubbles, who I know are online. There are others with clear bubbles, who are idle. But what I don’t get is the people on the list that have no dot next to them. Are they online? Are they offline? And why the fuck did they change it?

admin answers:

If you hate the new facebook messages just zoom into the page a little bit by pressing the “ctrl” and “+” keys, the side bar is automatically replaced by the original chat; it is a temporary solution until facebook fixes it!!

Go to to see a list of all online friends!!

Joseph asks…

How can I hide what I do from the new Facebook sidebar?

Please help, I don’t want people seeing everything that I do including writing on my friend’s walls.

admin answers:

Try this out in firefox it works a treat for me

Easy to follow too good luck

Lizzie asks…

How do i get rid of the new sidebar on facebook? i like the old one.?

There is a new sidebar on facebook that shows like recent activity and then like 6 or 7 people online and i really don’t like it. Is there any way i can get it back to the original way? Please help me its really bothering me!! lol Thanks. :)

admin answers:

You can complain, but chances are, it’s here to stay.

Paul asks…

Does anyone like the new facebook sidebar feature?

Personaly, I think its ridiculous. 52 people on but it only shows 18 people? :(

admin answers:

Worst design idea they’ve ever done, OK so throughout the past they’ve changed things and styles which people have moaned about but have eventually gotten used to, but this is a stupid functionality change that has not made things slightly more difficult but outright impossible.
Absolutely ridiculous.
You can use:​esence/popout.php
To actually see the list of those online, but they’ve started clearing that out as well as of today and when you click on someone it closes the page. GREAT.

Hopefully this Google+ malarkey takes off and we can migrate unless facebook can get this right, up until this point its been great, sure the privacy policy is not favourable but that’s down to you as a user what you choose to put on your facebook.

David asks…

I don’t understand the new facebook sidebar?

Does it show everyone who is online chat, or just everyone online who you usually interact with?

admin answers:

Everyone you usually interact with, online or not, which is STUPID, in my opinion, they also got rid of scrolling, so you have to search for a friend to talk to him/her if it doesn’t show up :( (btw, only popout chat can have scrolling at least:

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