New Facebook Messages

Joseph asks…

Does anyone here have the new Facebook messages?

I was just wondering who here has it. I’ve had it for about a month now, as I upgraded to it in January. Will everyone else on facebook be upgraded to it? I find it difficult to connect with people who don’t use this new messaging system. Videos, as well as some pictures that I receive from people through messages do not come up, but appear as a blank space. How are you all finding these new messages?

admin answers:

Just update your cell number and get a confirmation code and its all done

Mandy asks…

I cannot recieve emails in the new facebook messages system. What is the problem?

I just received the new facebook messages, but I am not able to receive any emails… what is the problem?

It says that any email that you do not know about will be in the other folder…

admin answers:

By facebook you can’t send mail you can only send messages

Daniel asks…

Still haven’t received my invite for new Facebook messages?

I requested an invite to the new Facebook messages back in November, as soon as they announced it! It’s now June and I haven’t got my invite. I am still using the old version. My friends and family have received the upgrade (without even requesting an invite), but I haven’t, even though I requested an upgrade invitation.

admin answers:

Sorry in fact you cannot control it because that the new facebook message system.Anyway,Facebook will upgrade all the accounts to the new facebook message system soon so you should wait & don’t worry :) Good Luck!

Susan asks…

Is anyone having problems with the new facebook messages?

I upgraded to the new facebook messages and I am having major problems! My threads are not complete…i lose messages …and it’s giving me a lot of angst! Does anyone know if I can go back to the old messages?

admin answers:

Once you upgraded you can’t go back to the old one

Donald asks…

When will I get the new Facebook Messages?

Everyone knows by now that Facebook Chat have changed so your chat history and facebook-emails are rolled into one neat inbox.
I requested an invitation for this around March and still haven’t got it? What can i do to get it?
All I have at the moment is the new facebook-chat layout, and that annoying side-bar

Anyone help please?

admin answers:

Hahaha its funny because i didnt even ask for an invite and yet i got one! Im not sure how you get it. Sorry. I heard your friends can give you an instant invite but i still cant find the button to do it… :/

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