New Facebook Chat

Thomas asks…

How do I disable the new facebook chat?

They rolled out this new chat and now I can’t seem to turn it off when I sign onto Facebook. The link does not work. How do you turn this junk off?
I cant get offline. That was the whole point of this question.

admin answers:

It is really simple

Laura asks…

How do you go offline on the new facebook chat?

Okay, so facebook just changed, again -.- and i used to always go offline (dont know why, just did) and so now the new chat, im having trouble finding the ‘go offline’ button.. so anyways, how do you frikkin go offline ? (: thanks !

admin answers:

The new Facebook chat is horrible, so stupid and so confusing. God i hope they bring the old version back

Steven asks…

How do you get rid of the new facebook chat?

when i went online today, this sidebar came up asking if i wanted the new facebook chat. it had no “no” option and wouldnt go away until i clicked “yes….” there was no x out option either.
the new chat is bloody annoying, any way to kill it?

admin answers:

I posted this on another question, but someone was unable to find the options button. I added a picture to orient people. Thought it would help here as well.

In the bottom right hand corner of that new chat sidebar is the options button that looks like a gear. Click on it and click “Hide Sidebar”. This should revert it back to the old way. It will stay this way as long as you do not click on the Chat box in the left hand corner. If you do, you have to reset the option. To chat, just click on the persons picture on the right hand side.

Please view the photo below to orient yourself as to where the options button is.


Michael asks…

How to get rid of the new facebook chat?

i have the new facebook chat and everyone is talking about the wheel sign thingy to click hide sidebar, i have the wheel but its on the top and when i click it,it said available to chat, chat sounds and limit availability? please someone help me! i HATE the new chat, its stupid and annoying

admin answers:

Click on the gear icon in the chat box. That’s the settings. And then click hide chat box

Maria asks…

Does this new facebook chat still save conversations in your inbox?

My facebook just got upgraded to the new chat where only a small portion of your friends is shown in a side bar and I haven’t tried chatting with anyone yet so i was just wondering in that whole inbox thing changed too because I actually liked having a history of some conversations

admin answers:

Nope, it still saves them :)

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