New Facebook Chat Sucks

Sandy asks…

New Facebook Chat Sucks… Help….?

Guys i dont like the new fb chat window which also displays people who r nt online in a sidebar. I wabt to restore my chat box into the earlier form( which displayed only the people who r online. pls help

admin answers:

If you have Google chrome then you can go to “customize and control Google chrome”> tools> extensions>get more extensions>search> Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler.
And there you go!! It all done!!! ^_^ this will 100% solve your problem!!

Daniel asks…


i think so

admin answers:

I do!!!!! >:(

Robert asks…

How do you change the facebook chat back?

The new facebook chats sucks! it doesn’t even show everyone that’s online…. How do I change the chat box to how it used to be????? please help!

admin answers:

Ummm its not possible till now to chnge it but u can use pop out chat for now its a nice solution i found 😀 enjoy friends dont for get to add me on facebook….popout chat link==>>

and my profile link==>>
thanksssss :)

William asks…

wtf is up with the new facebook chat?

is there a way i can go back to the old one…?
the new thing sucks.

admin answers:

It sucks dude, you can’t go back, the best way to get rid of it is complaining to facebook. Go here and send them feedback so the more everyone complains the better chance they change it..


Chris asks…

If you send a facebook chat message to an offline friend, will they still get it?

I just want to know if this is a technical thing or am I just being ignored. The new chat sucks.

Ps: I closed the pop-up window right after if that means anything.

admin answers:

Yes, they will still receive it. Facebook chat has merged with facebook message so they are the same thing. If you send them an instant message and they are offline, they will still receive it. The next time they are online, the message will be in their inbox folders which they can then reply to. Oh, and even if you close the pop up window- it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever as to when they will receive it. Don’t worry, they will get the message!

I agree, the new chat does suck. I preferred the old one, but thats just my opinion!

Hope this helps. :)

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