New Facebook Chat Sidebar

Steven asks…

how do I install the new facebook chat sidebar?

when they asked me if I wanted to try the new sidebar, I said no because my friends all said it was bad, but now I want it because it’s better and I can’t seem to find a way to get it.. does anyone can help me?

admin answers:

Yes the new FB chat is surely bad. But i have got a method to retrieve old and new fb chat. Do read and follow the instructions!

Mandy asks…

how does the new facebook chat sidebar work?

I don’t if i’m retarded or if the new facebook chat is retarded but i can’t figure it out…it will tell me that i have 46 friends online but when i click on the sidebar, i can only see about 20….i tried to scroll down that just controls the actual web page…the only way i can figure out who is online is to type their name in the search bar below which narrows it down but is there something I’m missing? i just want to be able to see everyone that is online

admin answers:

Don’t worry, your not missing something. Thats how the sidebar works, it shows you the friends that you have the most contact with, whether they’re online or not.
To see who is online just take the sidebar down and on the left side of your newfeed page you’ll see min-profile pics of the friends you currently have online.
You can hover over the pics to see the name of which pic belongs to which friend.
From there it works the same, you can either click the leftside pics or search the friend on the sidebar and chat.

Richard asks…

How do you get the new facebook chat sidebar?

I herd that it came out yesterday but i still don’t have it and i would like to video chat with my friends.

admin answers:

Its the worst thing FB has ever done – it has no flexibility, no options, you cannot see all of your friends, it is hit and miss and there is no way to tun back to the old version it takes up room on the right and you cannot arrow up and down to run through your contacts – I really don’t recommend it and there is a huge campaign against it all over FB. My advice, leave well alone :)

John asks…

How can you remove the new facebook chat sidebar it dosent show all my online friends like the old one how can?

I know the solution for it
And itz here –
visit thiz page and remove new chat box ! 😀

admin answers:

Thanks for the solution! I also got an alternative method

Lizzie asks…

Go offline to specific friends on new Facebook chat sidebar?

I just want to block 1 specific person, but only on the chat and I cant figure out how

admin answers:

Do one thing, add him/her into a new list. And then on FB chat just put that list offline forever. So that he/she will not be in your chatlist even he/she is online on chat

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