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Facebook changes have arrived!! Because the “Link” button has been removed, the top question I’m seeing is: “How do I add a link now?”

Just type/paste the URL in the status update field and a preview shows below. You can then remove the link from the status once the preview box shows, if you wish. And, if you don’t want to post the preview, just click the “x.” We used to have it this way a while back.

Latest Facebook Change image

Latest Facebook Change Screenshot

Check out the screenshot: you can now tag friends you’re with and add your location, even from your desk. (I’m personally not a huge fan of the new geo-tagging, especially if you work from home. Just sayin! Actually, you can just add your city if you wish; which I’ve now done retroactively seeing we can edit photos!).

To clarify, these are the primary new changes:

1) add your location from your desktop or mobile device now.
2) tag friends you’re with (could easily do so before, but it’s just a new layout).
3) for the level of privacy for each post your share, the “everyone” option is now called “public” but it’s the exact same as before.
4) you can change your privacy on the fly; once a post has been made, you can go back at any time and edit who sees the post.
5) the photo viewer is now white (and the “x” to close is moved farther out depending on the size of your screen!)
6) you may also see the new Ticker on your News Feed – this is being tested. It’s your Most Recent.

Source: facebook.com/marismith

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