How To Squeeze and Get SEO Juice From Your Twitter Posts

Did you know that Twitter’s tweets are full of search engine juice that you can put to use to get more marketing exposure? Of course, the links you post on Twitter, including links to your profile, automatically, without supervision, meaning that search engines will follow, but the “link juice” (eg Google PageRank) does not reported.

That doesn’t mean the party’s over for optimizing your Twitter page though. Search engines do index Twitter tweets (through “statuses” – which look like this). So how can you help ratchet your tweets up into search engine results as well as increase your number of followers?

By including relevant keywords within your title on your status pages.

Twitter creates the title for your status pages by taking up a slew of characters for itself. You can’t change that part (such as Twitter / Sherice Jacob) but you CAN change what comes after it. There are only about 27 characters available for you to use (and you thought fitting something into 140 was tough!), but every little bit counts.

Besides appearing on search engines if you include keywords in the titles of the pages of his report, also become more visible through the interface of research Twitter, and many research centers around who comb through messages and Twitter tweets for certain keywords.

If I was looking for tips twitter, and these tweets came the results, I would like to keep track of these people, what else can share? Absolutely!

And if you click on “View Tweet ‘for any of these results, we must take the – surprise! The link! Status Pages are static – meaning that they will remain there forever unless you delete them, or lose ground Twitter (improbabile!) – I use them to gain a marketing advantage and will start in a few keywords in titles and tweets.

Now that you know how to make better use of their headlines and articles, go to work and begin to optimize these pages with all the links you post!