Fantastic Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Here are some more fantastic ways to drive traffic to your website (s):

Have Fun With Facebook

Facebook is a popular site social time. It’s a place where people set up a profile of themselves, and a great opportunity to network. This can be a great way to build relationships with others in your niche.

I suggest to create a profile based on your niche and be social with people who are interested in your niche. Facebook has a ton of free tools that facilitate communication and the creation of one side of Nice for a game.

Creating a Presence In Forums

Actively participate in the forums is a great way to increase exposure to your website and help establish yourself as an expert. Just find a forum that has to do with you, launch your website in your signature line, and answer questions can make a good amount of highly targeted traffic (and also results in backlinks also ).

I suggest you do not press your site also, a subtle advertising in the signature line should do the trick.

Established as an expert can go a long way, after all, would not you rather buy from someone you trust?

Creating Your Own Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is very popular and people to help sell their own product can be a great advantage. If you have your own product, I recommend either creating your own affiliate program, or to sell your product through a service like Clickbank, which has its own program.

When others sell for you, it is typical to offer a high commission (it is not uncommon to see a 50/50), and this can cause a huge amount of sales. After all, the more they can do to encourage people to sell to you, the more money you make!

Although I consider myself an expert in marketing talent, and can generate its own sales, nothing can come close to what the army motivated affiliates can do for you.

Have Fun With Twitter

Twitter is a popular social site allows users to create profiles about themselves and then network with others. It is very similar to Facebook. People “subscribe” to your profile, and then receive an update each time you make a post to your profile.

Imagine, if you sell something, how it would be nice to automatically notify all at once on a new product! Twitter continues to grow in popularity every day. I suggest you get in while its hot.

Creating Your Own “Bait”

Every time you post a link or ad on your website, you want as many people as possible to click on it. One way to dramatically increase your traffic is to offer people “bait”.

An example of this would be to give something for free. If you have a website on dog training, you can create a small ebook, or newsletter, without offering some helpful tips dog training. This will help to “lure” people to click on your website.

The idea here is that giving something for free, you will wake up the appetite for more people, leading them in a sale possible!

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

There is no substitute for pay-per-click (PPC). If you want to drive a large amount of traffic to your site immediately, and have the money, it will certainly make it happen. You just need to make sure not to lose their shirt in the process! Pay per click advertising is when you pay for a search engine to show ads on your site to pay a portion of the search results. Many people have managed to PPC, but many people fail. I suggest that if you’re just starting to stay away from PPC until you know a little ‘more about how to sell your niche.

When you are more established, and know which keywords convert best for you, investing in PPC is a natural progression.

Using eBay to traffic

Ebay is full of insane amount of people willing to buy products, and can be a great traffic research output. I have had success in selling products on eBay and make a small loss in exchange for getting a new customer. EBay also has its own system of ads, which is worth visiting, not only because of the traffic, but as a valuable backlink which should do the same.

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