Article Marketing Automation Secret – Digi Article Blaster Review

Unbiased Digi Article Blaster Review

If you’re into Internet Marketing, article marketing automation will help you alot in achieving your goals faster. However, you might be spoilt for choices by all article marketing softwares in the net right now. However, after going through with many article marketing softwares, here’s one that I found to be really good and that is Digi Article Blaster from Andy Fletcher.

Here are some features of Digi Article Blaster:

  1. Enough backlinks to flood your site with link juice at the push of a button – Digi Article Blaster comes with a built in database of over 150 directories, and you’ll get a backlink from each of them. No half measures!
  2. 100% Automatic posting Submission works on complete autopilot… one click of the ‘Blast’ button and your work is done… while Digi Article Blaster signs in, submits and builds your backlink empire.
  3. You sign up to over 150 directories in minutes. All your accounts are generated automatically – all you have to do is pick a username and password. If your username is already taken, Digi Article Blaster automatically adds a set of random digits to give you a completely unique ID
  4. Crack captchas on autopilot. Digi Article Blaster is completely integrated with DeCaptcher and BypassCaptcha… all you need to do is enter your account details and watch as the plugin does all the work
  5. Lightning-fast indexing. With this many backlinks, you can’t fail to be noticed… and you’ll get a page 1 ranking to boot
  6. Huge amounts of money to be made offline. There’s thousands of offline businesses with blogs these days, and this is the kind of service they’ll eat up like sugar-candy… but more on that in a minute!
  7. Push-button automation. There’s still only so many hours… but now you get to spend them doing something fun! Crack open a beer and relax while the job is done for you

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For full disclosure, you will need a DeCaptcher or BypassCaptcha account for Digi Article Blaster to work… considering the price of this product, it is truly a bargain and well worth your investment.

Digi Article Blaster is for people who want:

  1. Over 150 push-button backlinks for every post
  2. Complete automation
  3. Generate thousands of randomly spun articles at the push of a button
  4. Resale potential to maximize your income
  5. Increased blog flip values
  6. Complete support access
  7. Regular updates

Digi Article Blaster is sold at an affordable price making it very accessible and convenient for those who want to try it.

Overall, Digi Article Blaster is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that can automate your article marketing.

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Hey Guys!

I had the privilege of testing Andy’s new WordPress Plugin and boy, I was amazed!

I didnt know how to use it first but Andy and his support team guided me well. I did a few blasts with it and got some articles even indexed! I must say I love this WordPress Plugin and this is much better than the other Article marketing tools I have come across as it is that easy to handle… Believe me… You will Love it… Just go for it!
— Aravindh

When Andy told me about his new plugin, I didn’t think it was possible. Surely no-one can get that many backlinks automatically?

Turns out, it is! Spend a few minutes on set-up and Digi Article Blaster does all the rest! You get loads of backlinks and all you do is push a button!

Even better, you don’t even have to write new articles… you just go through your old posts and blast them! Not only that, it even spins all the articles for you, and cracks the captchas etc… Andy’s put every service you could need in one place so it’s really simple.

Let me ask you… how much is 150 automatic backlinks worth? Honestly, I don’t have a number, but it’s a lot more than Andy is asking for this plugin!
— Aiden Chong

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