5 Best Practice Tips for Blog Comments

Links are the currency of SEO and internet marketing. More quality one way links are directed towards the better looks in the eyes of search engines. Each site has a number of trust established with the search engines and links to its place to another, passing along a little ‘confidence in the form of “link juice”. Other links to your site, the link juice than it is. This tells search engines that this is a valuable and useful (The idea is that the better the quality of the site have more incoming links, because they are more often called).

blog commenting imageA link building campaign is the process of building the number of inbound links to your site a. There are many places to get a link, but commenting on a link in the popular and useful source through blogs. To get the most out of your blog comments, here are five suggestions.

1. Use the original name, if possible

Sometimes big companies do not want to use the real name of the person, the blog comments, incase the person leaving the company. But you should try to comment using a proper name, when possible. This promotes confidence in the blog owner and the community blog. Hide company may be frowned upon, because they have less responsibility for your comments.

2. Three sentences of at least

Blog commenting is not only useful for strengthening ties, but also a good way to reinforce your brand and establish your company as an industry expert. Definition of a minimum of three convictions for his comments will help ensure that you are actually leaving a comment reflected back. Blog owners can find a review of the actions (after the great! Very informative. Thank you!) A mile away.

3. Read the message

This may seem like a “Well duh” to say, but you’ll be amazed how many people just read the post a comment. Typically, they only read the first paragraph and the rehash of what the author said. Want to know what you are saying is that the point. The publication of a review relating to dishonor your own authority and weaken the brand-building. If it is unusually long post, at least page through it all, looking for key points.

4. In line with other observations

Post comments in response is a good way to start a conversation with other readers of the blog. Involved in the blog community can help develop new connections and relationships. You never know who is going to find in a popular industry blog. Other industry professionals and potential customers tend to find those responsible up to the latest developments and trends.

5. Comment Before the Others

Most blog posts go live the morning so they have all day to be read and indexed by search engines. You want to be one of the first to comment on a blog because it helps the visibility of your brand. Other readers can scroll through the comments of the early years, but little read all 102 of them. If you are at the bottom, you have the link, but little else of value.